Summer Term

Topic: Survival

How do animals survive in cold climates?

How do camels survive in the desert?

What is Antarctica like?




During school, we will be continuing to improve our calculation skills in the four operations (+,-,x,÷) and using them to help us solve problems. We are continuing to encourage the children to learn from mistakes they make in maths and to develop their perseverance when solving a tricky problem.

At home, you could help your child by asking them simple calculations that they can quickly do in their head, I find this helps with their confidence in Maths.

Linking to our topic we will be measuring and converting lengths and weights, as well as timing races, consequently the children need to be able to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.

Please feel free to discuss which method the children use in class and how you can help to support your child at home.



A lot of our Literacy this term will be centered on our topic: Roald Dahl. We will be writing dreams, like Sophie’s from the BFG. We will be writing about Roald Dahl and his life, comparing a book to the film version and improving our descriptive writing through describing different characters from Roald Dahl. This term we will be focusing on encouraging the children to edit and improve their work. This is an important part of writing.

Please continue to support your child at home through reading with them and helping them to learn their spellings. I expect all children to have a book in their bag or tray that they are reading.


PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, however this can change, for example because of the weather.  Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school at all times.

This term the children will be playing tag rugby and developing their athletics by improving their own times and distances through a number of activities. Mr Allen has an ongoing record sheet so the children will be able to monitor how they are improving through the term. Tuesday afternoons will be swimming lessons from 10th May.



In Science we will be learning about living things and their habitats, grouping animals in a variety of ways, using keys to classify animals and finding out about the mini beasts in James and the Giant Peach. After half term we will be learning about human bodies, we will find out about the gestation periods of different animals and how this compares to a human and discuss the changes that occur as humans develop to old age, the children will also learn how to keep their bodies healthy and recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on their bodies. Year 6 will also be learning about puberty and relationships.

Other Areas

Religious Studies— Our topic is about Teachings and Authority where we will examine how texts, stories and traditions influence belief and values.

History— We will be learning about the Ancient Olympics: what some of the first Olympics were like and how they compare to the modern Olympics. We will also be learning about important historical events from the Olympics such as Roger Bannister’s achievements.

ICT— We will continue to look at coding by using Kodu.  Kodu is a Microsoft programming tool and is free to download to windows PC’s and Xbox’s

Art/DTLearning to draw like Quentin Blake to create our own illustrations, drawing people in action through looking how artists have achieved this, for example looking at the work of Degas.

MusicThe children will examine composition and form in small groups, increasing accuracy, fluency and control, with a view to creating a performance.