Autumn Term

Topic: Extreme Earth

This term our topic will involve all aspects of extreme weather. We will be looking at flooding, tornadoes, volcanoes and drought.  We will be finding about these events in history including what happened in Pompeii and the flood of Lynton and Lynmouth. We will also investigate how these events affect the land and the people who live in these communities.   We will begin to discuss whether these events are becoming more common as a result of climate change.


We will be continuing to improve our calculation skills in the four operations (+,-,x,÷) and using them to help us solve problems. We are continuing to encourage the children to learn from mistakes they make in maths and to develop their perseverance when solving a tricky problem.

At home, you could help your child by asking them simple calculations that they can quickly do in their head, weekly Times Table Tests will continue with Mr Allen.  It is very helpful for the children to learn their times tables at an early age as it underpins so much of the learning they do in class.  Good times table knowledge increases a child’s confidence in maths because they find other calculations easier.  There are two very good web-sites linked on the bottom of the class 2 homepage that you can use to help your child learn their times tables.

Please speak to Mr Allen if you would like any help supporting your child at home with their Maths.


We will be covering a range of writing genres linked to our topic including newspapers, journals and stories. We are lucky enough to be having a visit from Philip Ardagh on 8th October, therefore we are looking at comical stories and trying to write our own.

Our spellings this term will be through Decision Spelling—A good speller is someone who makes increasingly accurate decisions when spelling unfamiliar words. We are encouraging the children to try different ways to write a word and choose which way looks right.

Please continue to support your child at home through reading with them and helping them to learn their spellings. All children should have an ongoing reading book.  Encourage them to choose a variety of books to read, it’s great to see the children enthuse about a book they have just read and recommending it to different children in the class. A confident reader is a confident writer.


PE will be on Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, however this can change, for example because of the weather.  Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school at all times.

This term we have two experts in school teaching. Monday afternoons the children will be doing gymnastics with a coach from Tarka Academy and Thursday afternoons will be football with Exeter City.  Mr Allen will be teaching invasion games on Friday.


We will begin this term by looking at rocks.  We will examine the structure of different rocks and the affect acids and alkalis have on them.  This will be linked to our topic and we will be looking at erosion. The children will also be looking at how to plan their own investigations scientifically and how to record and interpret their results.  Later in the term, we will be studying forces. We will be investigating: air resistance, water resistance and friction.

Other Areas

Geography – We will be learning about geographical features focusing on earthquakes, floods and volcanoes.  The children will learn about plate tectonics and the role these play in causing earthquakes.  We will also be focusing on how countries protect themselves from natural disasters and the effect on the communities. We will be using maps to show which areas are affected by natural disasters and why.

ICT – We will be studying e-safety helping children be safer online using materials from “Be Internet Legends”

Art/DTLinking art to Maths, we will be studying the work of Escher and using translations to make repeated patterns

Languages – We will be practising our French greetings and colours through songs and games, as well as introducing food, with the children creating their own French menus.

RE – The first half term we will be looking at what it means to follow God and learning more about the life of a Christian. After half term we will be discussing what it is like to be a Muslim and the importance of festivals in Islam.

MusicWe will begin a Unit of Work that introduces the children to learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel. The learning is focused around exploring and developing playing skills through the glockenspiel and moving on to other instruments