Spring Term

Our Topic –

Rainforests and the Amazing Americas

This term we will be able to locate South America, concentrating on its environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities. We will be identifying geographical similarities and differences between Brazil and Great Britain. We will study the physical geography of the Amazon Rainforest, looking at the layers of the rainforest and why it is so important as a natural resource. We will discuss why it is important to protect the rainforests and what we can do to help. We will be using maps, atlases, digital mapping resources and other sources to build upon our knowledge of the wider world.



During school, we will be continuing to improve our calculation skills in the four operations (+,-,x,÷) and using them to help us solve problems. We are continuing to encourage the children to learn from mistakes they make in maths and to develop their perseverance when solving a tricky problem.

The children should be practising their times tables ready for a weekly times tables test with Mr Allen. It is our expectation that by the end of Year 4 children will know their tables up to 12 x 12. Please continue to support your child with their maths at home.

Use the link from our webpage which has some good online resources to help your child learn their tables.

If you haven’t tried it already have a go at the Stick and Split game.  If you have mislaid your child’s password just get in touch



We will be making links in Literacy this term with our topic; including writing a persuasive holiday brochure to encourage people to visit Brazil and a mystery story based on The Great Chocoplot.

All children should have an ongoing reading book at home and in school.  Please, encourage them to choose a variety of books to read, it’s great to see the children enthuse about a book they have just read and recommending it to different children in the class. A confident reader is a confident writer. Our class novel, is The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

Our spellings this term will continue to be through Decision Spelling—we encourage the children to make sensible decisions when spelling unfamiliar words. Spelling lists will be handed out on Wednesday, followed by a spelling test on Tuesday.


We will be continuing to focus on invasion games this term with a focus on Hockey.  This will be on Thursdays and/or Fridays with Mr Benidict and Mr Allen.

The children will also be taking part in a 6 week Dance Program run by the Dance Stage, on Wednesdays.  Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school so they can take part in these activities.



We will be studying Classification this half term, followed by Food Chains and Animal Habitats in the second half.  We will start by recognising that living things can be grouped in different ways, we will then be using classification keys to sort living things and how the environment may affect different groups. After half term, we will be investigating life cycles of different animals and how animals, including humans, develop.

The children will be planning their own investigations and then scientifically recording and interpreting their results.

Other Areas

Languages – we are learning French and this term we will be learning how to talk about My Home.

History – we will be building our chronological understanding.

Computing– We will be examining digital sound recording using Audacity.

Art – we will be developing our sketching skills to be able to sketch plants and trees. We will be using tints and shades and discussing Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork.

DT –  we will be developing our woodwork skills to design and build a birdhouse.

RE – we will be discussing why Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah and why the Torah is important to Jewish people.