Our Current Topics

Our Topic – Pirate Adventures

During this term our learning will focus on geography, history, design technology and art. We will be finding out about the history of pirates and what it was like to be a pirate at sea. We will be setting sail on an imaginary pirate adventure finding out about the continents and seas around the world making ’visits’ to Japan and Australia.



Reception– We will continue to learn about numbers to 20, recognising, counting, ordering and identifying 1 more/less. We will be solving problems involving addition, subtraction, shape, capacity, weight and length through fun, practical games, stories and songs. We are learning to record numbers correctly and write simple addition and subtraction number sentences. The children are being encouraged to explain how they have worked something out and to use apparatus to support them in their thinking.

Year 1/2– The children will be using all the skills mentioned above but extended through challenge. This term the children will develop their counting skills, becoming confident at counting forwards and back in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s. They will be using their knowledge of place value and number bonds to solve problems and record their workings in number sentences and pictures. We will be learning about multiplication, division and fractions. We will be solving practical problems involving measurements and introducing children to the correct terminology e.g. cm, ml, litres, g and kg. In addition children will be learning to tell the time.

Please help to support your child’s maths learning at home through fun, practical games. Ask how they worked out their answers and if they can explain their thinking. Challenge your child to count coins and help to pay for items at the shops or spot odd and even numbers on the houses in your street. Perhaps bake some cakes and ask them to read scales and work out how much more/less is needed. Play snakes and ladders and recognise the numbers on the board or perhaps use 2 dice so they have to add the numbers together before moving. Help your child to tell the time and spot when it’s bedtime!

Useful apps include: Glowburst, Numberrun, Addition & subtraction– daydream education and squeebles (all the squeebles apps are amazing). Useful websites include: www.primarygames.com/math.php and www.educationcom

As always I am here if you would like some help with supporting your child with particular maths strategies.


Reception: We will be using non-fiction books to find information about pirates. We will be using this information to set up our pirate ship role play area thinking about the characters and events that may take place within it. We will be reading stories and poems about pirates and using these ideas to create our own. Alongside this we will of course be writing letters to pirates, sending messages in bottles and of course making wanted posters!

Year 1/2: As above. In addition we will be writing creatively adding descriptive WOW sentences to paint a clear picture in the readers mind. The children will learn to vary their sentence openers and extend sentences using a variety of conjunctions  (and, so, because). We will be developing independence in our writing through editing our work by reading, checking and improving. We will continue to develop our handwriting, joining our letters where possible and overall presentation of work.

The children will continue to have daily phonics teaching following the ‘letters and sounds’ program. Reception children will use their knowledge of the digraphs (2 letters together that make one sound e.g. sh) and trigraphs (3 letters together e.g. ’igh’ ) to write longer words. No new sounds will be introduced this term. Year 1 and 2 children will continue to spell words using alternative phonemes and using suffixes and prefixes. Please continue to read with your child each night if possible and help them to read and spell the words on their key word key ring. This is by far the most best thing you can do to support your child’s learning at this stage in their education. Children who regularly read at home make significantly more progress than children who do not. Please use the yellow reading diaries to note down home reading so the children can win their reading raffle tickets, they are always so keen to earn them.

Useful apps include: Squeebles Spelling (great for inputting weekly spellings to learn),  Look, Cover, Write Check and my new favourite, Teach Your Monster to Read. Useful websites include: www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/letters-and-sounds and www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/literacy/



PE will be on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. To tie in with our topic we shall be learning some pirate games using some fundamental skills such as throwing, catching and kicking.  These skills will be developed towards playing simple tennis and football games. We will also be learning some traditional athletics skills in preparation for sports day.



We will be learning about materials and where materials have come from. We will be exploring the properties of different materials and examining the best uses for each material. During our topic work we will use what we know to investigate the best materials for floating and sinking, waterproof and non-waterproof and how to change materials by bending and stretching them. We will be helping the children to work scientifically developing their investigation skills through their knowledge of fair testing, using their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions.

The children will be taking part in gardening activities as part of looking after our school. They will be learning how to grow and care for plants and find investigating what plants need to grow. They will be naming common plants and flowers and their different parts.



Other Areas

We will be linking a lot of subjects into our topic including;

HIstory: We will be finding out about famous pirates such as Blackbeard, Calico Jack and Mary Reed amongst others.

Art: The children will be drawing and painting pirate self portraits, making treasure maps and experimenting with Japanese and Aboriginal artwork.

Design Technology: The children will be solving a pirate problem to design and make a picnic basket that keeps the lunch safe at sea.

ICT: Children will be engaging in research linked to our topic using the internet. They will be using Beebot (programmable toy) to follow instructions on our pirate maps.

Lifelong Learning: This term we aim to teach the children that mistakes are valuable and that we like mistakes in our class as it encourages our brain to grow! We want to help the children to develop their skills of persistence and resilience in their learning and for them to not be frightened to ask questions. In this way we hope the children will make connections in their learning using their knowledge to be creative and to confidently solve problems.

Trips and Events: We will be having a pirate day at school on Tuesday 8th May where the children can dress up as pirates. We also are planning trips to Ilfracombe, Tarka Tennis, Arlington Court and the beach this term. More information to follow on all these events. It’s going to be a fun packed term!