Our Current Topics

Our Topic – Mythical Creatures

During this term we will be focusing on creatures, big and small.   We will learn about real and mythical creatures in our quest for the perfect Class 1 pet.   We will begin by learning about animal care and habitats before moving on to conservation issues.  There will of course be a trip to the zoo to find out more about many animals, including the ‘Exmoor Beast’.   Following this, we will be encouraging children to create their own mythical creatures.  Towards the end of the term, the children will be able to care for animals in class.



Reception– We will continue to work on understanding numbers to 20, addition, subtraction, weight and capacity, sorting shapes and simple problem solving activities.  We will learn through many practical, fun activities and songs. We will be working with children to begin to record number problems, initially in their own way and then, forming the numerals correctly and using the correct equations (+,-,=). Continuing to play with puzzles, board and card games with your child will really help. We will be making a class ‘Top Trumps’ set that you will be able to play with your child at home too.

Y1/2– All of the above still apply to Y1 and 2 children but can be extended.  We will be focussing on place value and applying their knowledge.  Children will be given problems to solve where they will need to think about the type of equation needed.  We will be supporting children with recording and talking about their methods of problem solving.  Please help your child at home by providing practical situations where they can apply their learning to real life contexts i.e. telling the time, using measurements of time, collecting and spending and saving pocket money, cooking using measurements of weight and capacity.  In addition, we will be gathering and handling a lot of data about animals as part of the topic.

At home you could try some online games to support your child’s learning. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games has a wide variety of maths games for different ages.



Reception: We will be exploring the story ‘If I Had A Gryphon’.  We will create our own wish list of mythical creatures and think about the adventures our characters might have.  Children will be doing lots of role play and thinking about the sequence of events, the settings and the characters.  They will be creating their own fantasy adventures using available props.

Y1/2: In addition, children will think about vocabulary choices and word order to create effect.  We will be working on joining ideas in sentences using words other than ‘and’.  Our non fiction writing will be based around creating a mythical creature fact file.  Spelling will also be a big focus this term. http://www.ictgames.com/literacy.html  This has some great spelling games on which you can set for the appropriate level of challenge for your child.

Children will continue with the phonics program of Letters and Sounds’. Reception children will be practicing forming captions and sentences using phase 3 sounds in their writing.  They will also be practicing using both letter names and sounds for capital and lower case letters.  Y1/2 children will continue to spell words using alternative phonemes and using suffixes and prefixes.



PE will be on Tuesday afternoons, please make sure your child has their PE kit in school.  In addition, children will have 20 minutes of PE each day, focussing on fundamental movements (no PE kit required).

Before swimming lessons start,  children will continue to develop skills in balance and co-ordination though gymnastics. Support your child by providing opportunities for play on large scale park equipment,  in trampoline centres and in large, safe indoor spaces. We will work on creating sequences of movements for performance.



We will be learning about life processes and living thing in science this term.  We will also look at animal habitats and how animals adapt to different conditions.

We will be helping the children to think scientifically in order to create their own questions/investigations and focusing on what makes a fair test. We will be encouraging children to verbalise their thoughts and ask questions to further their understanding of a concept.  You can help at home by talking about /experiencing what humans and animals need in order to stay alive and how animals and humans move, feed and grow



Other Areas

We will be linking a lot of subjects into our topic including;

Music: This term in Music we are learning about the blues and working towards writing our own blues tune.

Geography: The children will explore different animal habitats and the effects that our changing climate and pollution is having on different species.

Art and DT: During the first half of term, the children will work on making detailed drawings and diagrams.  After, we will be focussing on working in 3d on a small scale, making our own mythical creature sculptures with corresponding habitats.

ICT: Children will be further exploring coding through the program ‘Scratch’.  The children will learn to program their own interactive games and animations to share with others.

PSHE: (Personal, Social, Health Education) We will be focusing on our emotions and using positive strategies to help us cope in different situations.  We will respond creatively and express emotions