Our Current Topics

Our Topic – Space

During this term we will be aiming to find some answers to the children’s question ‘How could we live on another planet?’ We will explore facts about the planets in our solar system and compare environments.  This will lead to lots of opportunities for science and design, with a little alien themed fun thrown in!



Reception– We will be working on understanding numbers to 20, addition, subtraction, weight and capacity, sorting shapes and simple problem solving activities.  We will learn through many practical, fun activities and songs.

Please provide opportunities to practise your child’s early counting skills: counting up to 20 and back, using the language of ‘one more’, ‘one less’. This can be done through activities such as laying the table or counting how many grapes they have in their lunch box.   Another area which you can help out is by playing games with your child such as cards, snakes and ladders, bingo or dominoes.  In addition, you could help your child to notice shapes in the environment or find hidden numerals to order from smallest to biggest.

Y1/2– All of the above still apply to Y1 and 2 children but can be extended to counting in 2’s, 3’s and 5’s.  In class we will be describing position and recognising right angles, estimating, measuring and comparing weights and beginning to read time on an analogue clock. Please help your child at home by providing practical situations where they can apply their learning to real life contexts i.e. estimating how much  three items at the shop would cost, asking your child to identify right angles in the house, and helping your child to tell you the time.



Reception:   We will be working with Class 2, designing a new planet.  Following this, we will be exploring the story of ‘Bob: The Man on the Moon’. Children will be doing lots of role play and thinking about the sequence of events, of the story as well as the settings and the main character.  Later in the term, we will be learning to write instructions linked to the children’s interests in Bobs jobs.  Finally, the children will work together  to create a ‘Planet’ fact file.

Y1/2: As above. In addition, children will identify with different characters, writing from their point of view; describe characters in detail; write creatively about different scenes and create their own adventures. We will be focusing on the technical skills of sentence formation.

Children will continue with the phonics program of ‘Letters and Sounds’.  Reception will also use Jolly Phonics as a fun way to reinforce the new letter sounds they are learning.  Please read with your child each night if possible.  They will also have key rings in their book bags with the focus/key words they are learning attached.



PE will be on Tuesday afternoons, please make sure your child has their PE kit in school.  In addition, children will have 20 minutes of PE each morning, focusing on fundamental movements (no PE kit required).

Reception children will be concentrating on developing good control, coordination and confidence in a range of small and large movements.

Y1/ Y2 children will be developing their tactics in games.  Children will develop basic game-playing skills, in particular rolling, kicking and dribbling. We will play games based on attacking and defending, bench ball and net games.



In Reception, we will be setting up lots of fun activities where children can explore early concepts of science.  We will be encouraging children to verbalise their thoughts and ask questions to further their understanding of a concept.  You can help at home by talking through activities yourself and asking/encouraging questions.

Y1/Y2 children will be participating in simple experiments, discussion and research. Our first topic will be living things and habitats.  We will start by exploring what ‘living’ means and go on to explore the significance of different habitats.  We will link this, where appropriate to our learning about the solar system.  During the later half of the term, we will be exploring force and having fun with ‘moon buggies’ and rockets.



Other Areas

We will be linking a lot of subjects into our topic including;

Music&Dance:  We could not explore the topic of ‘Space’ without enjoying the Symphony of the Planets’.  We will respond to the music by playing our own simplified versions and creating different movements to the contrasting pieces.

History: We will consolidate learning about Tim Peake and find out about the earliest moon landings.  Children will learn about marks left on the moon by astronauts and think about what they would like future generations to find in their own time capsule.

Art and DT: Children will explore a range of different painting techniques to create different effects.  We will encourage children to mix media in their exploration. In DT, we will be designing and making our own moon buggies to race.

ICT: Children will be learning  to complete simple programs on the computer and will embark on a project to create their own.  Later in the term, they will learn about using the internet safely to search for information.

PSHE: (Personal, Social, Health Education)  We will be focusing on friends and friendships, growing and growing up, keeping safe and self-esteem. In particular, we will focus on problem solving skills and helping others.  We will be celebrating who we are as individuals and as a  class.